Citylight Council Bluffs Church is committed to both gathering and scattering as the church.

We gather on Sundays, and we scatter each week in City Groups. We want everyone to be a part of a City Group because we want you to experience a spiritual family that shares life together and serves a common purpose.

Don’t look at joining a City Group as just one more thing to do. Think of it as the primary place that God will work in and through you. This is where you will be loved, challenged, encouraged, and developed more than any other aspect of our church. It’s not a Bible study, support group, or service group but rather all of them combined!

Here’s a look at our City Groups!  You can jump in any of them!

  1. East – Mondays; contact Teresa at
  2. Iowa Western – Mondays; contact Erick at
  3. Justice League – Mondays; contact Ashley at
  4. Seven Blocks West – Mondays; contact Paige at
  5. North – Tuesdays; contact Peg at or connect on Facebook.
  6. Citylight CLUB – for middle and high schoolers; Wednesdays; contact
  7. Central – Wednesdays; contact Sarah at
  8. Pre-Minivan – Wednesdays; contact Ashley at
  9. Lewis and Clark – Wednesdays; contact Jen at
  10. Celebrate Recovery – Thursdays; contact Gary at
  11. Graham Park – Thursdays; contact Greg at

If you have any questions or are interested in helping to start a group, let us know!

Jump in with us!  We believe you will find a grace-soaked, Jesus-loving family you can belong to!  And children are always welcome and invited.