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Paying Bills + Making Space

In the past year, God has done way more than any of us could have dreamed up.  20 people baptized.  20 babies dedicated to Jesus.  Growing from about 55 to 350 in average attendance.  Buying and renovating a building, only to outgrow it.  Receiving a gifted building and having to immediately have 2 gatherings, and those are already filling up!  Only Jesus can write this story and only Jesus gets the glory!
Yet as much as God has already done, we’re only getting started!  This past Sunday we announced that we are launching a mini-campaign to raise funds so the mission keeps moving forward and we keep making space for our friends and family and coworkers and neighbors can find a family to belong to, a cause to live for, and a Savior to believe in.  As we survey our new church building, there are 3 urgent needs:
  1. Chairs.  The 9AM and 11AM are filling up.  So we’ve ordered 100 more chairs.  Every chair matters because it allows us to invite our friends.  Every chair matters because there’s a real person with a real story and a real need for Jesus who is going to sit there.  But every chair also costs money.
  2. Citylight Kids Space.  We need a bigger, open space where children can gather to sing, listen to Bible teaching, and then break into small groups.  This room will primarily be for Citylight Kids, but will also create a great space for mid-range meetings like City Group Leader Trainings, Celebrate Recovery, Summer School for Leaders, and more.
  3. Hospitality Space.  Hopefully we don’t have any fights break out in our small hospitality space.  It’s packed in that little room as we reach for our coffee, take a banana, or pass a donut on to our kiddos.  We want to double that space by knocking down some walls right up next to the Worship Center.
While we raise the funds needed to pay for chairs, make room for Citylight Kids, and clear out space for delicious donuts and coffee, we also need to keep paying our bills.
So here is how the math breaks down. Over the next 7 weeks we are praying and trusting God to provide:
$27,500 to pay our bills.  This is our budget, the costs to sustain a building, supply ministries, empower leaders, and feed the kids of our staff.
$20,700 to make space!  This will get us 100 new chairs, a large room for CLK, and double our hospitality space.
That’s a total of $48,200 in 7 weeks.  It’s something only Jesus can do, a story only Jesus can write, and a goal that only Jesus will get glory for!
Here’s how you can help:
  • Pray big!  Bring this specific number to Jesus, and ask HIM to provide the $48,200 for His glory!
  • Give big!  Would you pray and ask the Father what He wants YOU to give?
  • Tell stories!  The real passion behind all the dollar figures are lives changed by Jesus.  Every marriage restored by Jesus, every child who has discovered Jesus as Savior and Friend, every student filled with the love of Jesus.  Every baptism, every baby dedication, every prayer.  These stories are the passion that keep driving us forward.  Tell those stories, and let’s keep inviting people to join our family and worship Jesus!

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