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3 Ways to Make 3 Gatherings Great!

This coming Sunday, August 26, our church transitions to 3 Sunday gatherings.  Every week.  Every single Sunday.  Rising early or staying late.  It means more volunteers, more leaders, more diapers changed, more schedules coordinated, more cars in the parking lots, more time.  In other words, for our church to go from 2 gatherings to 3 gatherings has come at a cost.  But it’s a beautiful, life-giving, and life-changing cost!  It has been amazing seeing people jump onto Serving Teams, to see Citylight Kids fill up with amazing leaders, and to see how friends invite friends invite family and on the chain goes.

The heart behind all the changes is simple: we’re asking Jesus to multiply disciples right here in our city.  There are 70,000 people in Council Bluffs, and we won’t be done til every one of them has the opportunity to know Jesus, fall in love with Him, and be His disciple!

As we transition to 3 gatherings, I thought it might help to share 3 ways that you (any person in our church or any person just checking us out for that matter) can make those 3 gatherings better.  3 ways you can help, serve, and join the mission of multiplying disciples.  Here we go:

#3. Adopt the 8 o’clock.

There will be seats in this gathering, we promise!  Room for you and your friends.  And every chair filled in the 8AM means there is a chair available in the 9:30AM and 11:15AM.  Maybe the best way you can join the mission right now is to come early, worship loud, and adopt the 8 o’clock!

#2. Join a Serving Team.

We’ve seen dozens (literally dozens!) of people go from sitting in chairs to serving on teams in the last couple months as we’ve prepared.  It’s beautiful!  You can join them and be part of what God is doing.  Here’s the online sign-up.

#1. Pray.

Whether we have 1, 2, 3, or 25 Sunday gatherings, they are all wasted without the presence of God!  More than anything, we want to know the presence of Jesus on Sunday mornings.  We want to gather to God, enjoy Him, and leave with a wonderful taste of Him in our souls.  Would you pray that all 3 gatherings would be soaked in the presence of God?  And would you pray that even more people in our city will know Jesus because our church was willing to take these steps and serve in these ways?  Let’s pray together for Jesus to be famous in Council Bluffs!

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