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Citylight School is Here!

Our mission is to multiply disciples and churches!  We want to see our city and region changed by the gospel of Jesus in such a way that thousands are following Jesus and churches are planted.  Already, God has done more than we could have imagined, but we long for more.  And for disciples and churches to multiply, we need leaders!  That’s why we’re excited to announce Citylight School, launching Sunday, October 14!  Imagine dozens of leaders gathered to intentionally pursue growth in their character, their competency, and their calling.  Imagine those leaders breaking into smaller cohorts to discover how the gospel transforms their lives and leadership.  Spanning 6 months of study, conversation, and growth with people you love.  Citylight School is for you – to identify, empower, and multiply future leaders, fathers, mothers, teachers, worship leaders, preachers, church planters, and pace-setting disciples of Jesus.

What Does it Cost?

  • $75 per student if you want us to buy your books.
  • $25 per student if you buy your own books.  (Heads up!  You’ll need them before October 14.)
  • Additional BONUS Track costs $0.

What Is the Commitment?

Students in the Winter Bible School commit to…

  • attend at least 2 of the 3 School rallies.  The times are Sunday, October 14, 6-8pm; Sunday, January 13, 6-8pm; and Sunday, April 14, 6-8pm.

  • engage in all cohort meetings. Citylight School is intentionally designed with cohorts (small groups of 4-5 same-gender persons) as the engine for real growth and change.  Cohorts meet monthly at a time they choose to share what their learning, report to one another, and challenge each other to connect the rubber to the road.

  • practice what you learn, whether that is in your City Group, a Serving Team, a different church, your family, or your work!

  • The additional BONUS Track includes all of the Regular Track learning along with monthly 8-page papers written on key themes in the Bible.

What Will I Learn?

Citylight School focuses on 4 key areas in the life of a leader

  1. Character.  Who are you in Christ and how does that shape your character?
  2. The Gospel.  The gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t just the ABCs of the Christian life; it’s the A to Z.  What does that mean and how does it shape our lives as leaders?
  3. The Church.  Is the church more than a place to show up each week?  Who is the church and what does it mean to servant-lead in the church?
  4. The Spirit.  All leadership is powerless without the Holy Spirit.  How does He gift us and empower us as we lead?

How Do I Apply?

You can apply online below.  Once you fill out the short application, we will respond and give you further instructions for paying the school fee and help you get prepared!

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