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Fun Parking Problems


As our church grows, City Groups multiply, and friends invite friends, we’ve run out of parking! What a fun problem to have! Many of you have felt it on Sundays (and some of you with 4x4s like it!). Around Citylight, we love challenges like these because it’s another opportunity to see God come through and make a way!

Here’s what we’re doing:

Praying! The story of Citylight CB is one answered prayer after another. Our building sits on 13 acres of land, all paid for. Praise God! Now we get to pray about how to put some parking on that land and watch God provide!

Talking with architects, contractors, city leaders. We love to take risks, but we’re also committed to do it wisely.

Setting up short-term solutions. In the meantime, we’re looking for shuttles to and from Kmart, better ways to park in the grass, and fun ideas to take what looks like a problem and make it an opportunity for Jesus to be glorified in our city!

Here’s how you can help:

Pray with us! Let’s pray big and expect God to come through. Then we’ll all get to see His work and give Him praise.

Share ideas. If you have any normal ideas, crazy ideas, or in between, feel free to pass them along. From quality contractors to good connections or more!

Jump into the short-term solutions with us. Citylight, let’s make this fun! You might want to drop the kids off and park at Kmart. We’ll get a parking team to give you donuts and get you back to the building. You might want to park in the grass and celebrate the grace of God with every step in that wet turf. What a privilege to have problems like this! Let’s have a blast along the way!

Keep inviting friends! We’re always committed to making room for more people to hear the gospel and follow Jesus. Whatever it takes! So keep on inviting friends, sharing this video on Facebook, reaching out to coworkers and neighbors and family members. Let’s keep taking risks and building relationships for the glory of Jesus in Southwest Iowa!

One specific need we have right now is

for people with Class B or A or CDL license that could drive a bus-shuttle on Sunday mornings. If you’ve got one and want to help, let us know! If you know someone who might be interested in helping, let us know! It would help a ton!

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