Citylight Midtown Church, our mother church, was planted in the fall of 2012 with a small team of people devoted to prayer who had a desire to see Omaha transformed by the gospel.  They purchased a 106-year old church building (Lowe Avenue Presbyterian) near 40th and Cuming with stained glass windows, a pipe organ, crumbling plaster, mold in the basement, and one toilet. On February 3, 2013, Citylight Church launched its first official public service with over 500 people in attendance. After moving to three services and experiencing additional fast-paced growth, the church moved its Sunday gathering to the newly renovated Omar building three blocks west. Today, there are over 1,200 adults and kids that worship there each Sunday.

“No. No. Absolutely No!”

That’s what my lovely, godly wife said when I first tossed out the idea of planting a church in Council Bluffs. We were certain God wouldn’t take us there. He might take us anywhere, but not there. So why are we now going to Council Bluffs? Through prayer and preaching and conversations, God worked in our hearts to compel us to go to Council Bluffs because…

  1. Council Bluffs matters to God. Council Bluffs isn’t forgotten! Not a chance! The heart of God beats with passion for this incredible city.  Jesus loves for the lost to be found, for the city to be renewed, for the church to prevail in Council Bluffs. We want to join God in planting churches in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa.
  2. Relationships. God has given us amazing relationships and connections in Council Bluffs. My good friend, Erick Whigham, will be co-planting the church with me. Erick is married with four children, has years of gospel labor in the city, and has seen lives changed already. Now we get to take it to the next level together.
  3. Influencing a region. Council Bluffs shapes what happens in Southwest Iowa. From education to entertainment, from sin to righteousness, Council Bluffs sets the tone for the rest of Southwest Iowa. We want to see Council Bluffs won for Jesus!
  4. God said so. At the end of the day, my wife and I know that God told us to. That has been confirmed by wise and loving leaders and mentors. Now we get to obey Jesus and see what He does!

Yes! What Does That Mean for Me?

You might be thinking, “That’s great! What does that mean for me?” I am so glad you asked! Here are a few ways you can influence the planting of a church in Council Bluffs:

  1. Pray for us. We have a community of about 120 adults (and some 7,416 children it seems) right now. God has provided a building for us, joyful leaders, multiple City Groups, and a passion to love Council Bluffs.  Pray for the Spirit to lead us clearly, unite us in Christ, and glorify the Father through us.
  2. Pray with us. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month to pray! We love to cry out to God and see him answer.  Each month we see specific answers to prayer and experience Him in fresh, new ways. You are welcome to join and pray with us.
  3. Tell your friends. Spread the word that there is a new church in town.  Give them our email ( or point them to our Facebook group page. We would love to connect with them and invite them into our growing community. We have five City Groups in Council Bluffs now and are glad to start more.
  4. Join us! We gather every Sunday worship, and we scatter throughout the week into City Groups around Council Bluffs and the area. Discover a family to belong to, a cause to live for, a Savior to believe in!  There is a place for you!