Here’s a little more information on each team:

  1. Citylight Kids.  Nearly a third of the people who come through our doors every Sunday are children, and we love how volunteers make a difference in their lives!  What an awesome way to develop your spiritual gifts, build relationships with parents and children, and experience Jesus on Sundays!
  2. Hospitality.  From coffee and donuts, to greeting at the doors, to cleaning the building each week.  Let us know where you serve best, and we will plug you in.
  3. Projection.  It’s behind the scenes, but everyone sees it.  A perfect role for focused worshippers who like to spell words correctly!
  4. Security.  Keeping us safe, calm, and cool.
  5. Greeting.  Greeters set culture as people walk in, celebrating their arrival, answering questions, and encouraging them!
  6. Parking.  We have a great problem at Citylight CB: we run out of parking spots sometimes.  Parking attendance greet car, point them to spots, and have a blast keeping the lot running smoothly.